We need to stop this trend right now

I get it, bro. The Celtics are on a nine game losing skid and it sucks. The Celtics are pretty close to the bottom of the NBA barrel with only 12 wins. Our best chance of watching this team in the playoffs is finding old playoff games on YouTube from the Pierce era. Blah blah blah blah blah. But the ol' bag head move? That's pretty low.

Obviously this was a move to get on TV, and congratulations, dude. You made it! There's only one problem... no one is going to believe you. No one saw your face. It could have been anyone under that bag. You're now doomed to live your life as a folk hero whose validity is constantly questioned.

So bittersweet. To be the man who wore a bag on his head at a 2013-14 Celtics game and have no one believe you because it's next to impossible to identify a bag.

Maybe we'll get lucky and the Celtics will have seen this dude. Maybe this is the spark the team needs to rattle off 25 wins. Like when some dude in Boston threw an entire beer into the face of LeBron after the Heat lost game five of the 2012 playoffs. After that LeBron decided that he was just going to put up 45 himself and beat the Celtics by 20 in Boston for game six. Thanks for that by the way, beer-in-LeBron's-face-dude. Next time you go to a game, you should meet up with my friend bag head. I think you guys would get along great.

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