Video: Blake Griffin dunks Kris Humphries into next week; but was it really a dunk?

The Celtics lost a close one to the Clippers last night, but much of the talk was focused around one play in particular. With LA leading 74-72 in the 3rd quarter, Blake Griffin did what Blake Griffin does: dunked the basketball ferociously. Unfortunately for Kris Humphries, he happened to be in the way. Check it out.

No doubt that this is impressive on an athletic level, but I have a few problems with it.

1. Griffin arm bars Humphries. This is an offensive foul. You can't just push the defender down as he is trying to meet you at your highest point. Not only that, but by using his arm in this way, he's able to propel himself upwards. Weak.

2. He doesn't dunk the basketball as much as he throws the ball through the rim. Same thing with his dunk over Timofey Mozgov a few years back. I just don't consider it as much of a dunk when you have to throw the ball down through the rim, like MJ vs the Monstars.

3. The post-dunk scowl. We get it Blake, you're good at two things: commercials and dunks. The bad boy scowls after every big dunk/foul are a little overkill.

Still impressive, just not quite as much as ESPN would lead you to believe. And give credit to Hump — he stood right in there, and probably would have prevented the dunk with a foul if Blake hadn't arm-barred his head.

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