Tommy Heinsohn may have officially lost his mind during last night's broadcast

As far as biased homer announcers go, we all know Tommy Heinsohn can be one of the homer-iest.  His frequent rants regarding the officials allegedly screwing over Boston are well documented.  In Tommy's mind there's a good chance Larry Bird went his entire career without ever committing a foul.

Another of Tommy's lovable characteristics is his desire to see the potential in young Celtics, often comparing them to all-time greats (the "Greg Stiemsma blocks shots like Bill Russell" comment comes to mind).  Last night vs Houston when MarShon Brooks happened to hit a deep contested three pointer (after the shot clock expired) Heinsohn took it upon himself to find the similarities between D-League hero Brooks and Rockets All-Star James Harden:

Shortly after that it got even more wacky.  While discussing Dwight Howard's free throw shooting woes, Heinsohn brought up how that's been a common trend historically for a few superstar centers, specifically Wilt Chaimberlain and Shaquille O'Neal.  Tommy also said because they are so big and strong they have difficulty finding the right touch from the foul line (so far so good).  It was at that point Heinsohn went completely off his rocker.  Tommy claimed that Wilt could however shoot "free throws" perfectly well from half court, and that he once saw Chamberlain make 23 of 25 from that distance in practice.  I did a double take when I heard this, assuming either he misspoke, or I misunderstood.  Shortly after his twitter account confirmed it:

No word yet on whether or not Tommy says he watched them film this Bird/Jordan commercial and that it's 100% real:

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