Sullinger ejected for two flagrant fouls in less than a minute

The Celtics are in the middle of a losing streak and frustration is mounting. In Tuesday night’s game in Denver, Celtics forward Jared Sullinger was ejected during the third quarter after picking up two Flagrant 1 fouls in the span of one minute.

Not good. The first call, with 9:06 to go in the third quarter, was on J.J. Hickson. The second call, with 8:43 left to go, was for elbowing Kenneth Faried in the head.

Under NBA rules, if Sullinger gets more flagrant calls, he’ll be missing game time.

Adding fuel to the fire, The Boston Globe's Baxter Holmes tweeted that Sullinger left the locker room Tuesday without talking to the press- the second time this week a Celtics player has done so after a dust up mid-game. The first instance of which was Jeff Green after his “it was nothing” spat with teammate Brandon Bass.

Sullinger has been very vocal this season on a number of topics. From adamantly stating that the team is not tanking, to being critical of his own performance, to his desire to constantly improve not only his game but the Celtics’ game as a whole, Sullinger is putting this season on his shoulders for better or for worse.

The Celtics have lost eight of their last ten games and will face the Clippers, the Warriors, and the TrailBlazers on the road before returning to Boston to face the Rockets on Monday January 13th.

Seeing how the next two weeks looks like 10 miles of bad road, the Celtics are going to need to keep their frustrations bottled up or funnel them into solid gameplay if they hope to regain their standings in the Atlantic Conference, never mind the Eastern Conference.

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Photo Source: Rocky Widner/Getty Images