Rajon Rondo: 'A guy you go to battle with'

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Undoubtedly, Rondo isn't perfect. He's been known to occasionally take games off and obviously isn't the best scorer. For a generally even-keeled guy, the 6'1 PG definitely has a greater tendency to reach his boiling point than most.

Despite the detractions, Rondo has the capability of doing things very few can. After all, who the hell posts 18 17 and 20? He's one of the best rebounders at the point guard position in years, and with remarkable court vision, he fires passes that nobody else would even consider.

Furthermore, Rondo is a damn thief. He sags back in the weeds and waits patiently like a professional predator...or he just takes what he damn well pleases.

Several reports suggest that he has even improved his jump shot. But, perhaps what really makes Rondo great is his unpredictability. And by the same token, Rondo's unpredictability may be his worst trait. Ideally, Celtics fans anticipate this unpredictability to include less ref hostility, and more awe-inspiring plays.

Moreover, while Rondo's unpredictability remains a double edged sword, he has continued to mature with age. After receiving praise for his leadership from Coach Stevens and teammates, Rondo was named captain earlier this week. Especially considering the shoes he has to fill, the move is quite a testament to the confidence the franchise has in moving forward with #9 as their guy.

So, should we be worried he is "our guy?" what's with Rondo's performance against the Heat? Quite frankly, it may be the worst game of his career, and he knows it:

Over the course of about 26 minutes, he shot 1 for 4 at the charity stripe and 0 for 8 from the field. He didn't handle the rock carefully and coughed the ball up to Miami 3 times. Sure, he had 5 assists--but what is that to Rajon Rondo? Answer: subpar.

Regardless of his hall of shame game Tuesday night, we must be patient in his progress back to full health, and not put to much stock in these early games. It is far too early to be concerned, and Brad Stevens knows what he has in the unique, unpredictable Rajon Rondo:

In my last post, I reminisced about how Rondo, Garnett and Pierce are guys you go to war with. When it matters, Rondo will give every last ounce of effort he has.

Interestingly, questions of maturity surrounded Kevin Garnett early in his career. Obviously, Garnett matured with age, but his intensity was never abandoned. He has continued to tally technical fouls and be involved in scuffles late in his career. As Doc Rivers noted years ago, the technicals are simply a byproduct of KG's game. Similarly, I think Rondo will always exhibit flashes of what some may call an "attitude problem". Just like KG, this is what you get with an intense player who eats, sleeps and breathes basketball. Baxter Holmes provided this insight into Rondo's life just yesterday:

At times, people may suggest that Rondo needs an attitude adjustment, and some still hope he is traded. Despite 'character mishaps' and public conjecture, at the end of the day I want the unique and unpredictable Rajon Rondo in one color--Celtic green.



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