Must watch: New internet trend of "LeBroning" or barely touching someone and flopping to the ground

Real talk for a second: LeBron James is the best player on the planet, and it's not particularly close. Guy is accomplishing things at the age of 29 that no other player ever has, and now has two rings as well. And personally, I stopped doubting LeBron when he came into TD Garden and dropped 45/15/5 while facing elimination back in 2012. Guys who can't win big games don't do that.

With all of that said, for a 6'9", 260 pound freak-of-nature, the guy goes to the floor all the time. And therefore, this is funny.

Introducing: LeBroning. AKA barely bumping into someone, and yet throwing yourself at the floor while looking for a call.

And before the Heat fans descend on this piece (anyone remember the parade article? That was fun) - relax. Just because he's the best player in the world doesn't mean he doesn't flop. A lot.

h/t Barstool

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