Mike Gorman cites incident on team bus leading to Keith Bogan's departure

On Tuesday, CSNNE's Celtics commentator Mike Gorman appeared on the Toucher and Rich radio show, and Keith Bogan's strange departure from the team last week was one of the topics discussed.

According to Gorman, Keith Bogans had been dissatisfied regarding his lack of playing time. This apparently led to an incident on the team bus. Gorman didn't give many details regarding the incident since he was riding on the media bus at the time and didn't witness the incident himself, but claimed that the Celtics took quick action afterwards.

When asked whether he thought the incident was something fairly serious or if it might have been just a tipping point leading up to Bogans being excused, Gorman stated that "I think it was more a tipping point. I think somebody probably lost their cool, and you have to send out a message very quickly as to how you are going to deal with that, and again you have to reinforce the message as to who is in charge here."

Listen to the full audio below of Gorman's interview (the part about the Bogans incident starts around 5:45 -- if you have trouble using the audio player below, click here to download the mp3 of the podcast).