Kobe Bryant randomly shows up at Boston College classes

The Lakers are in town to play the Celtics this evening, and even though he's injured Kobe Bryant is still travelling with the team (I guess you have to give him some credit for that?).  There must not have been a lot going on to keep Kobe entertained last night, because he decided to swing by Boston College and drop in on some classes.  Here are a few quotes via twitter (and the above photo):

"So Kobe Bryant stopped by my brother's International Marketing class at BC tonight..." 
"Kobe Bryant casually sat in on a class at BC tonight......... wut" 
"So Kobe Bryant just kind of interrupted my Product Management class tonight -- a welcome break, @bostoncollege #mbalife #thatsafirst" 
"Kobe Bryant was just at Boston College and 5 feet from me"

Kobe never actually attended college himself, so maybe he wanted to see what he was missing out on?  Although I'm not sure BC marketing classes are really the height of the college experience.  Or maybe he just felt like making some kids' day.  Either way, it's hard to view this as anything but a pretty cool thing for him to do.

h/t Hardwood Paroxysm

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