Jeff Green: The biggest tease in the NBA

Poor Jeff Green. He's such a nice guy that he is hard to dislike. Green has come back from open heart surgery with great success - so much so that he is the same player he was before the surgery. Which is the problem in itself.

I have been an advocate of Green longer than I should have, figuring we could give him one last chance this season. Games like Wednesday night are the blessing and the curse with Green. He went off for 39 points and looked like the best/most athletic player on the floor. The problem is that Green has scored under his season average of 16.2 PPG 25 times this season in 44 total games, seven of those games have been in single digits!

Green shows us he has the talent to be an all-star on certain nights, then hides it from us for games at a time. Consistency is what makes stars in the NBA. I said it towards the beginning of the season, but this is just who Jeff Green is - a wildly inconsistent player.

The frustrating part is that many still expect him to "develop", but don't realize that Green is far past that stage of his career. Green was the fifth pick in the 2007 draft, are we still waiting for fellow top 10 picks Joakim Noah, Al Horford or Kevin Durant to "develop"? Okay, Green missed a full season of his career, so how about top five picks from 2008, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love... still waiting for them to "develop"?

Lets face it, it's not going to happen! Jeff Green is the player he always has been and always will be, something Richard Sherman likes to call "mediocre".

It is rumored that Green may be the next player Danny Ainge trades from Boston's roster, and there are potential options out there. Ainge's task? To trick a fellow GM into thinking they are getting the 39 point player we saw in Washington, and not the four point player we saw at home just a week before.

I really don't hate Green though... seriously. Jeff's a funny dude, I'd grab a beer with him... hell I'd take him on my NBA team! Just not as one of my best players for four years and $36 million. Eventually a team will appreciate him for what he is, but not in Boston, and not on this contract.

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