Green Envy: What Raptors fans said - 1/15

The Celtics managed not to blow another giant lead, and ended their 9 game losing streak behind Jared Sullinger's 25 and 20 career night.  Boston's 88-83 victory left the surprisingly cocky Raptor fans highly displeased with their first place team.  Three observations that make me feel bad for Toronto fans:

1. They seem to believe their club may actually contend with the Heat and Pacers, as they were extra mad about losing this game on a night that Miami got upset by Washington; as if that matters.

2. Apparently there aren't a lot of attractive women to look at in Canada.

3. The existence of this banner:

I've put the best of the best in bold, enjoy!

Should be another beatdown in Beantown.

Time to make a push for 2nd seed now that 3rd is locked up. Lol.

Road to the 2nd seed starts here.

If only we we're on the 17th, we could have spoiled Rondo's return like we spoiled Kobes

I'm still struggling with the whole "expecting to win" thing. Raptor fan problems.

Good game for our players to rest. Bringing out the salami and cheese at half time?

Ahaha Celtics traded their best player for Joel Anthony

I mean this game we just cannot lose. They traded away their best player for complete garbage. Their other two best players are injured. We should demolish them by 20+.

Fingers crossed that Rondo sucks hard on his return for 4 weeks, and that Boston then considers Rondo for Lowry and Novak. Boston owes Rondo 13 million next season. That could be a big pain if Rondo doesn't come back 100%.

Celtics are willing to take less then they feel they deserve for Rondo if someone takes on Wallace's horrible contract. They value good contracts over everything right now. Masai is willing to take on bad contracts if we get something valuable in return.

Lowry+Salmons+Fields+Novak+NY 2016 pick for Rondo+Wallace+Brooklyn 2014 pick.

does pressey even know how to nba

Great gotta listen to Tommy tonight ..

god , Abby Chin is cute as hell

The whole team is there and Hump gets the board, what

Was Bayless bald when he played with the Raptors

derozan looked like young kobe


Is it just me or is abby chin (celtics reporter) kinda hot?

I wouldnt be suprised if they called it a 4 pointer with the way these refs are.

If you take two worst posters on RealGM and put them in a commentary booth I feel like they would be only very slightly worse than what Boston currently has.

How bad is Vasquez lmao... it is like he is physically and mentally slower then everyone on the floor

On three consecutive possessions, Vasquez has shown he can't pass, dribble or shoot.

Stop **** missing free throws!!!

Sullinger is shoving people around like it's NFL or something. Not with his body, WITH HIS HANDS! constantly! This is so blatantly one sided reffing it's ridiculous

sullinger the magnet

Sullinger out working our entire team. Get Amir and Val out.

Wow I know Val is sick but is Amir dead?

It feels like they are playing the Pacers, SMH

Time for the Raptors to become fossilized

Bill Simmons is going to devote an entire podcast to how overrated we are after this pathetic effort. Seriously. This is embarrassing.

It's funny this laying of an egg is happening on the same day Miami lost ugly to a sub-.500 team.

Welp time to see what the Boston tank is made of now

boston is folding like a cheap suit lets keep the pressure up

#FREENOVAK #ChampionshipTime


Team goes on a 16-2 run, Casey calls timeout

2 guard lineup with a 0/4 trashquez at the SG lmfao. **** casey such a moron. he's gonna get schooled so hard in the playoffs.

Celtics shooting 36%... and we're losing

I dont even want a win, the Celtics tank is too obvious.

Toronto making Sullinger look like Lebron

cant blame them for losing to a powerhouse like the celtics. KG and Pierce played a great game

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