Gerald Wallace says this road trip could destroy Celtics season

If you can give Gerald Wallace one thing, the man tends to speak his mind.

That was the case yesterday when Wallace talked about the current road trip the Celtics are looking at.

Via the illustrious Jay King,
“Every road trip is a make or break. Especially the situation we’re in,” Gerald Wallace said Friday. “We’ve lost a couple of games in a row, lost (six out of seven) games. We’re going on a West Coast trip and playing some pretty good teams. This could set us in the right direction as far as where we want to go, or destroy our whole season."

The Celtics are currently 13-20 and riding a three game losing streak and have also lost six of their last seven.

Starting tonight, they head on the road to take on the Thunder, Nuggets, Clippers, Warriors and Trail Blazers who are a combined 112-58.

Of course, with the Eastern Conference as terrible as it is, never say never. Still, if everything goes as expected this week, the C's could be right back at the top of the lottery watch.

Oh, and did I mention that after the road trip the Celtics get to play James Harden, Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets?

Celtics murderous road trip starts tonight in Oklahoma City