ESPN Insider Chris Broussard says Rondo will opt for free agency

Though he is not looking to get out of Boston, Rajon Rondo was quick to kill talk of an extension when recently approached by Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. It didn't even get to the numbers stage. Rondo is looking forward to becoming an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career in the summer of 2015. It's not that he's dead set on leaving Boston, but he wants to keep his options open in terms of both winning and money. Ainge has to decide whether he wants to gamble on the possibility of re-signing Rondo or trade him around the 2014 draft or before next season's trade deadline.
Nice try, Chris Broussard, but we already talked about this in detail! Last week, Mike Dyer covered this story and pointed out that yes- extending Rajon Rondo right now makes no sense for the best reasons possible.

If Rondo were to extend now, he’d be limiting the amount of money he can make if he chose to stay in Boston. This by no means is evidence that he wants out of Boston or is looking for greener pastures. Danny Ainge himself agrees that Rondo taking his time makes the most sense for everyone involved.

Here’s the breakdown of the Rondo Cash Flow:

  • Rondo extension would be limited to 4 years, and around $59 million (salary in Year 1 = $12.9 million, 7.5% raise over this year, with 7.5% raises each season) 
  • The extension would start immediately, canceling out Rondo's salary for next year, and basically making it a three-year, $46 million extension on top of the $13 million he is already owed next season. 
  • Next off-season Rondo will be in-line to get an offer of around 5 years, $95 million from the Celtics (Rondo will be eligible for a starting salary of approximately $16.4 million in Year 1, the maximum amount for players with less than ten years of service time)
  • Rondo has the opportunity to make $108 million over the next six seasons if he waits and the Celtics give him the max. 
By signing an extension now as opposed to next off-season, Rondo would be forfeiting nearly $50M in potential earnings for the chance at “security” now… which in the NBA means zero unless there is a no-trade clause in the contract.

Broussard didn’t end his Celtics chat there. He went on to discuss the some other Celtics and their futures in Boston.

In other Celtics news, Ainge is looking to clear as much cap room as soon as he can, so if he can find takers for Gerald Wallace, Jeff Green and Avery Bradley, they're gone.
To which I say, “no duh.” Danny Ainge is the ultimate GM and should be in the running for Executive of the Year despite his team having the third worst record in basketball. Danny always answers the phone- that’s his thing. He’ll always listen; he won’t always pull the trigger.

The idea that “if they can find takers for X” can be applied to virtually every player in the NBA not named Derrick Rose, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Devin Durant, or Dirk Nowitski. Like the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase said so many times, “Everybody’s got a price.

Having said that… sure. If the right deal comes along, I could see Wallace, Bradley, or Green getting shipped out. Bradley is a Restricted Free Agent at the end of this season and should draw more than his fair share of interest. Primarily known for his defense, AB’s offense has grown by leaps and bounds this season. I would be surprised if lots of teams weren’t calling his agent already.

The same could be said for Jeff Green. He’s a scoring machine when the stars align. There is no doubt that he could add a tremendous amount to a team- but it all depends on what team needs him and what they can offer. The Celtics aren’t going to give him up unless they are getting something big in return.

Gerald Wallace is owed $20M over the next two seasons. If Danny Ainge can find someone to take him, Crash will be on the first plane out of here.

In other words, yea Chris Broussard… we know.

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