Bradley to miss a couple weeks: Why this isn't a bad thing

Avery Bradley appeared to have a pretty severely sprained right ankle Tuesday night against the Heat. The aftermath on Wednesday has not been good news for Bradley so far:

 For the Celtics, however, Bradley's injury may not be bad news at all. Obviously I am never rooting for anyone to get hurt, but it is what it is, so just follow along. Firstly, while recovering from the ankle injury, Bradley will also have time to let a right hand injury he had been playing through do some healing as well.

Secondly, Bradley has been playing fantastic ball this season. His 14.5 PPG and 31 minutes of harassing defense on a nightly basis have been crucial in many of Boston's wins thus far this season. The Celtics are currently tied for the fourth worst record in the NBA, just 2.5 games ahead of the second worst record in the league. A stretch like this without Bradley could very well end up being the reason the Celtics end up with an inside shot at a top three pick in the draft come lottery time.

Finally, subtracting Bradley from the lineup is going to open up both minutes and shots for someone. Avery Bradley has been attempting a team high 13.8 field goals per game. Chris Johnson and Vander Blue are now both going to be getting minutes in this time of crisis, but Jeff Green is the logical choice to pickup some extra slack.

No, this is not a pitch that this is Jeff Green's big chance, he has squandered enough of those. But with the trade deadline approaching on February 20th, and Green's name being heavily discussed, this could be a good last minute boost to Green's diminishing value. If Green can put together a hot stretch for these couple of weeks Bradley will miss, maybe Danny Ainge can find a way to dump his contract for an expiring contract - or even better, swap Green for an asset.

With all that said, Bradley could end up being a big part of the future in Boston if he re-signs. So lets hope he can remain healthy overall, but a couple weeks out of the lineup right now could be a blessing in disguise.

Fun fact: The Celtics started the season with what was thought to be an abundance of five shooting guards: Bradley, Jordan Crawford, Courtney Lee, MarShon Brooks and Keith Bogans. Currently they are all either injured, traded or crying about making $5 million dollars and got sent home. Even Jerryd Bayless who was acquired for Lee is injured. Yo Chris Johnson and Vander Blue - this is your big chance.

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