Yes, Kevin Garnett Very Much Misses Gino

Amongst the many plot lines that surfaced last night, perhaps no question was as pressing to Celtics' Nation than this: Does Kevin Garnett still think about the video victory cigar, Gino?

Fear not friends, because that question was asked (I'm not sure by who, but I'm ready to credit them as this generation's Woodward & Bernstein). Courtesy of the Boston Herald:

Kevin Garnett let out a joyous laugh last night. He had finished his postgame press conference in the big room and gone back to the Nets’ dressing quarters when he was informed that, indeed, the famed Gino will be part of the video that welcomes him back to the Garden on Jan. 26.

“I almost wore my Gino T-shirt tonight,” Garnett said through a broad smile. “I almost wore it. My Gino T-shirt with a suit jacket.

“Maybe I’ll wear it when I come back to Beantown,” Garnett added as he bid a writer adieu and walked toward the trainer’s room. “Maybe I will.”

Kidding aside, this warms my heart.

For as intense as a player Garnett is on the court, he's always shown to be a pretty funny guy off it: From his 'I Can Shoot 3's' rant, to his 'fashion advice for Craig Sager, he's always found a way to keep a smile on my face.

And as much as I enjoyed the incredible passion he brought to the game, his mesmerizing team defense, and overall brilliance. I'm not sure anything was quite as enjoyable as watching him watch the big-screen, smiling ear to ear like a kid on Christmas.

So here's to hoping that Garnett arrives to the arena late January, rocking a 5,000 dollar suit, 600 dollar scarf, and a 15 dollar Gino shirt.

And since it needed to be done, here you are:

Kevin Garnett watching Gino, set to Frank Ocean's 'Thinkin Bout You'