Where there's smoke there's fire? Woj says Celtics among most serious suitors for Omer Asik

There are two types of NBA trade rumors in this world: The ones that are verified by Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, and the ones that are not (Hint hint Donny Marshall).

So while we've discussed the potential of the Celtics acquiring Rockets center Omer Asik ad nauseam, things got taken to the next level late last night when Woj confirmed that the Cs were among the most serious suitors for Asik's services.

Woj shed more light on what players could be involved in his column. From the Celtics, it's the two names we've heard all along, Jeff Green and Brandon Bass.

Houston is pursuing a power forward in a deal, with candidates including Atlanta's Paul Millsap, Philadelphia's Thaddeus Young, Boston's Brandon Bass and Jeff Green and Cleveland's Anderson Varejao.

Houston general manager Daryl Morey wants a deal done before the end of the week, giving the Rockets the flexibility to trade whomever is acquired in a deal before the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

The structure of most of Houston's trade scenarios are three-way deals, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

We've already heard reports that Houston is more interested in Green than Bass, but Woj seems to think either player is still possible. The Cs could also sweeten the pot by offering up a first round pick along with whoever they decide to deal.

And Wojnarowski wasn't the only NBA voice talking about the deal late Tuesday. Bill Simmons also gave his prediction, and he says that he expects the Celtics to win the Asik sweepstakes by swinging a three-way deal. And that Jeff Green won't be involved.

So if you believe Simmons (who is fairly close with both Danny Ainge and Daryl Morey, two guests on his podcast), the Celtics are most likely trying to make Bass + a 1st rounder work for Asik. The Celtics could also offer up a large portion of their $10.3 million trade exception, but that would not help Houston improve their team this season. More likely, it would be a piece sent to another team in a complicated three or four team deal. It's also interesting to hear that the Hawks could possibly dangle Paul Millsap, something that could win them the bidding war

While nothing is guaranteed at the moment, this is clearly more than your run of the mill trade speculation. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Asik is getting traded very shortly, and the Celtics may just end up with him.

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