Rondo for Steph Curry? No way. Rondo as a coach? Absolutely.

Anyone, who's spent any significant time watching the game of basketball has most certainly heard the saying: "The point guard is an extension of the coach on the playing floor."

Having said that, while it will definitely be nice to get Rajon Rondo back on the floor, Celtic head coach Brad Stevens and general manager Danny Ainge see him one day captaining his own team from the sidelines one day as well.

Steve Bulpett from The Boston Herald reported

“We’ve talked about it,” Brad Stevens said before the Celtics dropped a 92-85 decision to the Bucks last night.“One of our first conversations was that I asked him what he wanted to do when he’s done, because I’d heard that he liked the game on that level. So we talked about that quite a bit before we even got on the practice floor together.

“I think he’s great. He’s really got a good mind for it. He’d be great at it. He’s told me that he could see himself coaching down the road.”

Beyond just his early conversations to discuss the game and how Rondo can best fit in the Celtics system, Stevens has gained new evidence that he could handle things on the bench.

“We’ve had a rocky road to start as a team, but he’s been nothing but positive and encouraging and good to the guys and the staff and everybody else,” the Celtics coach said. “So this will be a great time for him in reflection when he’s done playing because he has to look a the game differently right now.”

Danny Ainge has even more experience with Rondo than does Stevens, and the Celts’ president of basketball operations believes his guard could make a “Absolutely,” said Ainge.

As for Rondo’s occasionally prickly attitude, his boss thinks that will smooth with time.

“He’s got some spunk and some fire in him, but I think by that time of his life he’ll be good,” Ainge said. “I think he’d be a really good coach.

“During college games, I call and talk to him about that. I talk to him about the Celtics and what he sees. He sees the same things that we see. You know, we need to do better in this part of the game or that part of the game. Just normal talk. You know, ‘We looked flat,’ or ‘The team looked great.’ It’s just the usual talk.”

These comments also exemplify why I think all these trade rumors about Rondo, are just that, rumors.

For instance, last season when I heard the Steph Curry for Rondo rumor I was irate.

However, in the meantime, Curry has gone on to be a better player than I ever would've ever projected him to be and a legitimate NBA superstar but I still would not trade Rondo for him in a million years.

Rajon Rondo makes people better. He gets his teammates the ball in the right situations and gets them involved. Steph's a great scorer and a very good passer but he dominates the ball. This can be very frustrating for teammates which leads to people not buying into the system and players not playing hard.

Allen Iverson was a warrior and a great player but I bet if you had a candid discussion with some of his long time teammates they definitely would've liked to get some more offensive touches which often times led to frustration and them not always playing their hardest.

I'm such a fan of Rondo's, in fact, I hope, unlike the unfortunate situation with Paul Pierce, he remains a Celtic for life and starts out his coaching career on the C's bench as an assistant under the formative guidance of Brad Stevens.

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