Rondo could play rehab games in D-League

Much has been made of when Rajon Rondo will return to the floor for the Boston Celtics.

It was suppose to be December… then it was January… now it is February, could it be moved back again? Some even speculate Rondo may take the season off much like Derrick Rose did, especially with the Celtics far from contending for a championship.

Something no one has discussed so far is the option of Rondo playing in the NBA D-League as part of his rehab:

Kind of shocking to see that Brad Stevens has discussed this already. This happens in baseball, but I can not recall an NBA star playing rehab games at a lower level…

To be honest I think I like it. Rondo would have much less pressure on him to carry the Celtics in his return, rather just to feel himself out while competing against players that are not his teammates. Although this is sure to be a brief experiment if it happens, it has the potential to be helpful in Rondo's return.

So does this mean Rondo is going to play this season for sure? Could he just return to the Celtics without playing in the NBADL? Lots of questions to be answered…

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