Rajon Rondo is 6th in All-Star votes among Eastern Conference guards, wait what?

Yesterday the NBA released early results of what's happened in the All-Star balloting so far.  Checking in at #6 among Eastern Conference backcourt players with 80,889 votes is none other than our very own Rajon Rondo.  Yes, the same Rajon Rondo who has yet to play a single game this season.  Is it possible fans are that enamored with the classy suits he's been wearing on the sidelines?

In reality it's much more likely the average voter pays literally no attention to what's actually happening on the court.  Derrick Rose (out for the season) is 3rd on that same list, and Deron Williams is 7th despite missing half his team's games so far.  Somehow Ray Allen even managed to land in the #5 spot just ahead of Rondo.

Jeff Green is #8 for frontcourt players in the East, with 55,912.  Sadly, Jordan Crawford is not listed in the official results.  This has got to be fixed!  Celtics fans out there voting for Rondo should at least make sure to be writing in Crawford as well.

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