Jordan Crawford's dare to be great situation

At the end of last season, I don’t think anyone saw Jordan Crawford coming. In August of this year, when I thought of Jordan Crawford, I thought of the guy who was running his mouth at Carmelo in the midst of the Celtics making a first round playoff exit.

And then the 2013-14 season happened. 20 games in and Jordan Crawford is the biggest surprise on a team full of big surprises.

In the biggest surprise of them all, Jordan Crawford said today that his goal is to “repay” head coach Brad Stevens for giving him a chance. How is he going to do it? By proving the Celtics right and everyone else wrong.

Crawford maintains that he has always had this in him, but he just needed a chance to prove himself. Something he is doing night after night for the Celtics.

Asked if Stevens has done anything differently from other coaches, Crawford said, “I think he’s just given me more of a chance, and I appreciate him for that. I just want to repay him by just playing hard, doing what I can for the team.”
Since training camp began, Stevens has refered to Crawford in the following ways:
  • The consummate teammate 
  • Very easy to coach
After joining the Celtics mid-season last year, Doc Rivers described Crawford as:
  • Belonging on the “All-Scare Team” for putting fear into other coaches as well as his own.

Is Crawford coming into his own under the tutelage of Brad Stevens, or is Brad Stevens helping Crawford come into his own is a good question to ask… but that’s a question for either the trade deadline or post season “should we resign him” talks.

Right now Crawford’s goal is to play the best basketball he can and prove to everyone that Stevens has made the right choice.

“I just take responsibility to get good shots every possession,” Crawford said. “Whether it’s getting a transition look or executing the play, just doing the things it takes to be a good team. Execute (from the) first through the fourth quarter.”
Crawford is contributing big time- something that he is likely to do in many ways this season; either as a member of the Celtics, or as a trade chip when the time comes.

Seriously – other than Brad or the man himself, who saw this coming?

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Photo Source: AP Photo/Elise Amendola