Jeff Green wanted to dunk on Andrew Bynum, Lakers trying to trade Pau Gasol for him

MassLive -
Because Cleveland played without suspended center Andrew Bynum, several of the Celtics were asked about his situation. Most brushed off the question, but not Jeff Green.

“He would’ve been a good guy to get a dunk on,” Green said.

WHOA! Uncle Jeff getting chippy. Of course I would have liked to see Andrew Bynum get dunked on. I would like to see just about anyone get dunked on. It's a rare treat to see posterizing when it's not done by LeBron. Strange that Green said it though. Granted this is about the tamest smack talk that has ever been lobbied, but I'll still take it. I like the fire, Jeff.

The Bynum situation is really strange. Last Saturday, Bynum was suspended indefinitely by the Cavs for conduct unbecoming of the team and speculation began running wild that the Cavs would be parting ways with Bynum ASAP.

ESPN's Bill Simmons took to Twitter and espoused on several theories on how this will play out:

This morning, ESPN reported that a possible deal between LA and Cleveland involving Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum was being discussed. While no deal is imminent, both sides are apparently mulling it over. I guess the report that Bynum doesn't want to play basketball anymore is... not important?

The most intriguing part of this story from a CelticsLife stand point is Simmons' claim that Boston could get in the mix for Bynum. No way that's true right? Unless Danny Ainge really wants to see Jeff Green dunk on Bynum in practice, of course.