Jared Sullinger reveals he's had a deep bone bruise and sprained ligaments in left hand

On Thursday afternoon, Celtics big man Jared Sullinger practiced with his left hand wrapped up, which prompted the media to inquire whether he suffered a new injury while the Celtics were on break for Christmas. According to Sully, he has been dealing with the injury for about a month, but this was the first time he had wrapped it up.

From MassLive.com's Jay King:

“It’s been bothering me since the Charlotte game,” Sullinger said, referencing a Bobcats team the Celtics have not played since Nov. 25. “I decided to finally wear something. For the longest I didn’t wear anything because it’s just a deep bone bruise and a couple sprained ligaments in my left hand. But I’ll be alright.”

According to Sullinger, the injury isn't very bothersome, and only hurts him "just when you hit it in the right spot. Other than that I’m fine.”

In terms of the numbers, his scoring doesn't appear to be affected by the injury. Sullinger averaged 12.69 points per game in the 13 games before the Charlotte game where the injury occurred, and he has averaged 16.3 points per game in the 13 games after the injury. (He only scored 5 points in the November 25th Bobcats game though when the injury was fresh). So it doesn't seem to be something to get worried about.