Don't worry LeBron, dunking on someone doesn't do them any actual harm

In the Miami Heat's 122-103 victory over the Sacramento Kings last night, LeBron James threw down this highlight reel dunk over Ben McLemore:

After the game his royal highness King James seemed very concerned for the safety and well being of young Mr. McLemore:

"It sucks that it was him too because I like him. I have been talking to him since he was in high school so that sucks."

Have no fear LeBron, you didn't kill, maim, or even injure McLemore in any way.  He's going to be just fine.  As much as you may believe they are, your dunks are not the equivalent of thunder and lighting sent down from the heavens to destroy any and all beings in your path.

Oh, and you didn't seem to feel that bad about knocking the rookie to the ground when you stood over him and stared now did you?

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