Did Brad Stevens unknowingly foreshadow the future of the Celtics at the guard positions?

Did Brad Stevens unknowingly predict the future for the Boston Celtic at the guard positions when he said Sunday:
With Jordan Crawford and Avery Bradley both becoming free agents after this season and Avery turning down an offer from the Celts this off season it might be difficult to keep both of them.

Especially with Rajon Rondo becoming a free agent the following season and some people believing he will want a max contract.

My hope with Crawford is, because he's somewhat struggled in the league prior to this season, he appreciates the opportunity he's been given playing for Brad Stevens and the Celtic organization. As a result, he takes a fair offer with the C's and not go after an overly exorbitant contract with another team.

The same holds true with Bradley, although, the difference is, he's known nothing but flowers since he's come into the league.

I hope he comes to his senses and takes something close to the original offer from this off-season.

However, this might be a tougher sell to him than to Crawford.

With regards to Rondo, some people believe he will be seeking the max when his contract expires and that "discount days are over."

I also hope this isn't the case and he's willing to sign for a reasonable amount to stay a Celtic and be the face of the organization for the next 10+ years.

Less money would mean the Celts can put the talent around him to showcase his capabilities, chase championships and cement his legacy.

Having said that, as much as I love Bradley, given the choice, the Celtics will probably go with Crawford at a lesser sum as opposed to overpaying Avery.

A.K.A. the more versatile player offensively who is solid at both the point and the 2 (see above quote).

My sincere sentiment is they keep all three, because, as I've stated before, I see Crawford as an amazing spark plug off the bench in the rotation with Rondo and Bradley still receiving what amounts to be close to "starters minutes."

Much like, Jamal Crawford with the Clippers.

No matter what happens, with all the looming free agents, it's not only going to be an interesting summer for the Celtics but for the entire league.

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