Celtics "very interested" in Sergio Rodríguez

Back in June 2006, the Celtics traded their lottery pick for Sebastian Telfair and traded a future first for another point guard named Rajon Rondo. I was very high on Rondo at the time and thought trading a lottery pick for Telfair was a waste. The Portland Trailblazers bought a first round pick for cash only and drafted Sergio Rodríguez, the player dubbed "Spanish Chocolate." Rondo would go on to become a star, Telfair was a failure and Rodríguez was out of the league a few years later due to his unhappiness with limited playing time.

Hoopshype is reporting via the Spanish blog El Contraataque, that the Celtics are one of three NBA teams "very interested" in Rodríguez. The Real Madrid point guard is still only 27 years old and the Celtics seem to always be in need of point guard depth, though much less so if Rondo returns soon. I can't imagine every player on the Celtics roster right now making it past the trade deadline. There will be trades. There has to be. And with trades often comes open roster spots. The Celtics could be looking to fill one of those spots with Rodríguez. Or of course this rumor could be complete BS and Rodríguez's agent just name dropped the Celtics to either attract more interest in other NBA teams or for negotiation purposes with Real Madrid.

Once upon a time I really liked Sergio. I can't say I watch a lot of Spanish ball ( and by lot I mean really any), so others that do should give their scouting reports in the comments section. Rodríguez is still only 27, so the Celtics could do worse than to give the fancy, pass first point guard another shot. What are your thoughts?