Celtics really are frontrunners to land Asik, deal may include Bass, Lee and a pick

It is well known that If Wojnarowski of YahooSports reports a trade rumor, it is, with 99% confidence, true. So here is what Woj has just said:

This is a great deal for both teams. The Celtics manage to unload two long-term contracts for a potential building block and they lose one pick but hey, they have a zillion first rounders at the moment so, you know. The Rockets get what they need, a stretch four who has above average defensive skills and then some: Lee, who is finally playing up to the expectations.

I don't see any teams that can present a better offer to the Rockets in the next 24 hours and/or are willing to take on Asik's contract next year. The Hawks might have a chance, but as reported earlier, they're lukewarm on Asik (understandably so as they already have Horford.)

I think we're really close to seeing Asik in green. Asik was a backup to Semih Erden (remember him?) back in 2007 when they both played for the same Turkish team, but Asik has constantly improved and turned into a rare center with great defensive abilities and quick feet in the NBA. Erden was a Faverani-type favorite for the Celtics fans, but Asik will definitely be more than that. A potential roster of Asik-Sully-Green-Bradley-Rondo sounds really good if we can hold onto all those pieces and then upgrade Green. Oh, and we go under luxury tax by 3 millions, and we also have that trade exception in pocket too.

Good move, Ainge. Please pull it off.

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