Brad Stevens thinks Jared Sullinger should study Kevin Love's game

Brad Stevens is obviously very high on Jared Sullinger. Stevens recently stated: "He's the definition of Celtics basketball right now" and has further elaborated by saying Sully should study Kevin Love's game.

As first reported by Bill Doyle at the Telegram and Gazette:
"I think a really good guy for him to study," Stevens said, "when we get into the offseason will be Love. I think you talk about guy who is an outstanding post scorer, his skill level has increased every year, body is phenomenal, has completely done a 180 in his body."

The Minnesota Timberwolves power forward entered Wednesday third in the NBA in scoring (25 ppg) and first in rebounding (13.6). He was also shooting 39.3 percent from deep.

Stevens elaborated:
"Sullinger's a guy that can score the ball," Stevens said. "Those guys, they're not a lot of them in the world that score at this level, especially when they're undersized and he's got a nice knack for it. There's still things he can get better at and he will get better at, but studying Love would be a good place to start."

Sullinger, like the Celtics, has been playing great recently.

In his last ten games Sully has been averaging 16.5 points and 7.4 rebounds in just under 31 minutes a contest.

He is also 12 for 32 (38%) from three in that span and the C's are 6-4 having won 5 of their last seven.

If Sullinger can make the next step this off season the Celtics just might have a power forward playing in the All Star game at The "Mecca of Basketball" (Madison Square Garden) in 2015.

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