According to the New York Knicks, the New York Knicks Are Using Iman Shumpert Incorrectly

In the on-going battle for Chief Supremacy of the title for 'Most Idiotic Team in New York' it appears as if the Knicks have again gone on the offensive, launching a hilarious-missile out of their headquarters late in the evening last night.

Courtesey of ESPN New York's Ian Begley

According to league sources with knowledge of the team's talks with potential trade partners, president/GM Steve Mills' management team has also cited Mike Woodson's coaching as one reason for Shumpert's poor play.

"They're saying that Shumpert's a better player [than he's shown] but Woodson isn't using him right," one league source said.

You read that right. According to multiple league sources, in an attempt to increase Iman Shumpert's trade value the New York Knicks are essentially telling their potential trading partners that their head coach is too incompetent to properly utilize their 23 year old prospect.

"Perhaps a coach with actual intelligence, or eyebrows, could figure out a way to use a young, athletic shooting guard, who has range and a nose for defense, but unfortunately, our coach is too dumb." - A quote I hope was said.

Of course, there could be some truth to the statement - In his time with the Knicks and previously with the Hawks, Mike Woodson hasn't come off as the most innovative offensive mind. But still, if you're keen enough to observe his obvious shortcomings; don't you just fire the guy?

Of course, that's a thought process that employs logic; Something the Knicks clearly aren't accustomed to using.

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