What's up with the Nets?

The Nets haven't started the season off as expected. KG has had the worst start of his 18 year career. He's averaging a lowly 6 points per game. While shooting 32% from the field. He's only playing 23.2 minutes a night, and I don't know if that's hurting KG, or the fact that he's playing along side Lopez, or it's just KG getting old quick. So far the culture change hasn't stuck with this team.

As for Pierce. He's had an easier time in Brooklyn. He's not putting up 20 a night anymore, but he's doing his best with less time on the floor. He's playing less than 30 minutes a night with the Nets. He's averaging 13.4 a game, and he still has some hop to his step, as you see with the clip above.

With the Nets 2-5 right now. Danny continues to look good. I feel bad for KG. This could be it for the big man. With Paul's deal up after the season. Perhaps Paul walks from Brooklyn, and maybe KG hangs it up. After the Nets big loss to the Kings 107-86. Maybe the Nets feel a bit uneasy about the big trade over the summer?

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