Video: Big Baby Davis denied hotel room at 4am, responds by smashing hotel's keyboard

A lot of times you need to explain an article a bit, but in this case I think the title does all the work. Former Celtics forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis was denied a hotel room at 4 am, and was not happy about it. He then smashed the keyboard off the floor and left, and the cops were called. Here's the video.

It's his 7th year in the league but Big Baby will forever be immature and childish. About as much of a dick move as you can do without actually hurting anyone. But hey, he apologized on twitter so it's all good.

Davis hasn't played a minute since hurting his shoulder on January 30th. Judging by the video he is pretty overweight as well. I know Brandon Bass isn't an All-Star or anything, but I'll take him over Baby any day of the week.

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h/t Barstool Chicago