Thank the good lord: Jordan Crawford to start at PG, Bradley at SG, Green at SF


Anyone who has watched the first four games knows this is the right move. Even if the goal is losing, playing Bradley at PG has the real potential of ruining him as a player. His confidence fluctuates a ton and playing him at PG, where he has not one single NBA quality skill - has a shot to completely trash that confidence. He's a fantastic defender who can have some success off the ball on offense. But when the ball is in his hands, bad things happen.

Crawford on the other hand has been more than capable as a PG this season. Would be nice to get a look at rookie Phil Pressey at some point, but for now, I'll take it.

Stevens also said that Gerald Wallace will be available off the bench. Wallace has played a team high 34 MPG this season, so maybe this is a sign that that number is about to lower (we can only hope).

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