Some horrifying numbers from the Celtics six game losing streak

12 short days ago the Celtics were 4-4 and people were legitimately starting to get excited. The team had held 4th quarter leads in all eight games, and their win in Miami was one of the most fun wins in years.

Now, less than two weeks later, Boston is 4-10. And while all losses are created equal in the standings, there are different ways to lose. To illustrate that point, here are some of the ugly facts about Boston's six game slump.

- At the start of the streak, the Celtics were the 4-seed in the East. They are now 12th.

- The average score during the six games has been 102.3 - 87.8

- During the streak, Boston has been outscored by 87 points. That's a point differential of -14.5 per game.

- The combined -87 over the course of the six games is the worst six game stretch in the past decade for the Celtics. 2nd worst was a stretch in 2003-04 where they went 0-6 and were outscored by 84 points.

- After holding 4th quarter leads in the first eight games of the season, the Celtics have not had a single 4th quarter lead in the past six games.

- The six game losing streak ties the longest losing streak Boston has had since April 4th - April 15th, 2007 (they also had a six game stretch last season).

Of course, there are always silver linings. For the Celts, Jared Sullinger has certainly been just that. Sully has averaged 14.2 points and 8.6 rebounds during the five games he has played (he missed the Bobcats game). This stretch has also come against ridiculously tough competition, as the six teams Boston has played are a combined 55-22 this season (.714 win %). Considering the Celts first eight games were against such easy competition (combined 37-50, .425 W%), they were due for a tough stretch. But playing six straight playoff teams (including the top three teams in the NBA at the moment) in a six game stretch is a bit extreme.

As for when the streak will end? Well, taking a look at the schedule, things are about to get easier for the Celtics. Only two of their next nine games are against teams with winning records, and it seems unlikely that the streak will extend beyond next weekend as Boston plays Cleveland at home followed by a home-and-home with the Bucks.

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