Rondo not cleared for 5-on-5 contact yet

Celtics' star point guard Rajon Rondo is still recovering from his torn ACL and while he is said to be progressing, he is not able to practice 5-on-5 just yet.


Rajon Rondo has been able to take some physical contact during recent Celtics practices, the team's president of basketball operations Danny Ainge told 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher and Rich show on Thursday morning. However, Rondo still isn't back to full participation in practices just yet.

"Rondo is practicing. He's been cleared to have some contact, like 1-one-1," Ainge said. "But not 5-on-5 full-court practice yet. We're just taking it week by week right now, but he's not ready to come back this week. But he's working really hard and we're anxious to get him ready to go."

Ainge pointed out that the final decision on when Rondo makes his return to game action will be up to one person and one person only: Rondo.

Well I would hope the Celtics' medical staff would also have some input on Rondo's return.

When a player will return from a knee injury like Rondo's is hard to predict. Derrick Rose's extended leave has been well documented and Utah Jazz guard Brandon Rush, who suffered an ACL tear of his own, just returned to the court after a little over a year.

If his return is really in Rondo's hands then hopefully he will sit out as long as he can. Rondo is very competitive and is probably itching to return, but what he is returning to should have an impact. Does he want to come back sooner rather than later and help this talent-depleted team eek out a few more wins, thereby hurting their chances at getting a higher draft pick in the loaded 2014 draft? Or will Rondo make the better long-term decision and sit out a little longer than he has to in order to bring in a real stud to play alongside for years to come?

Take your time Rondo, make sure that knee is good and healthy. No point in rushing things as this lost season will still be here when you do decide to suit up.

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