Rajon Rondo works out without a knee brace; still on track for a December return? Maybe January?

Yesterday we posted a photo of Rajon Rondo playing 1 on 1 with MarShon Brooks.  Here's a video clip of what CSNNE showed him doing before Saturday night's win in Atlanta:

Rondo participated in a similar pre-game ritual last night in Charlotte, but this time without the knee brace.  From the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett:

Rondo is moving better as he continues to rehab. Before last night’s game, he engaged in a series of offensive possessions against tight defense from MarShon Brooks. This after going through his usual shooting drills with assistant coach Ron Adams. And Rondo wasn’t wearing his knee brace. Told that some Bobcats assistant coaches were watching from the far end of the court and saying he looked good, Rondo smiled and said, “They don’t have to worry about me tonight.” According to Celtics coach Brad Stevens, preparations are being made for a smooth transition whenever Rondo does come back. 
“I’ve had him on one of the two teams in practice for the last month when we do 5-on-0 stuff, so that he’s ready when the time comes,” Stevens said. “It’s really all you can do right now, but what he’s got to do is he’s got to be sharp in what we’re doing, so that we can pick it up and go full steam ahead. We’re doing some things that fit him better than anybody else, so hopefully when he comes back he feels fluid in that.”

And here are some tweets from the Boston Globe's Baxter Holmes:

Yesterday Mass Live's Jay King reported Danny Ainge has said Rondo could be "week to week" in mid-December (also h/t to King for finding the above youtube clip).  Going off that it sounds like the the beginning of January is the likely target.

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