Pre-game CelticsLife Live at 6 PM: The ultimate "trade or keep Rondo" showdown

Rajon Rondo. All-Star point guard. Franchise cornerstone. Potential trade chip. Rondo is different things to different people, so we thought it would be fun to have two writer's with very different views of Rondo square off in a showdown. In this case it's Padraic O'Connor on the "keep Rondo" side, and Eric Blaisdell with the "trade Rondo" side.

This is a new way of doing CelticsLife Live, with one central topic and two guys going head to head about what the team should do (and me moderating the shit out of it). We'll be having another one soon about whether Boston is a legit free agent destination.

The show starts at 6 PM, leading us into tonight's game at Orlando.

Be sure to pick a side in the comment section.