Let's Get Dwight's Ass Kicked

In a recent video, Dwight Howard claimed that he would be willing to get in an MMA Ring:

Dwight says he’d do a fight for $10 million, and claims at the end of the brief segment, “If I get knocked out, I get knocked out.”

You can find the whole video here.

So... uh... let's make this happen, right?

I mean, true, Dwight Howard really hasn't done anything to negatively effect the Boston Celtics. In fact, his no-show in a few playoff matchups was quite appreciated. But we're still all Bostonites, and if there's anything we know; it's when a guy deserves a good ass kicking.

AND GOOD GOD, does Dwight Howard deserve to get his ass kicked.

So here's my plea: Someone start a Kickstarter, and let's get that 10 million dollars. For just a few dollars a day, the NBA's most insufferable bastard could get the ass kicking he so rightfully deserves.