Is Jeff Green proving his worth in Boston… or simply upping his trade value?

Can't say it's not nice to see some life from the Boston Celtics this season. But it's still far too early to change my stance on this season. This is a rebuilding season, like it or not.

Jeff Green is off to a relatively consistent start, something critiques have called for him to do. Right now, Green is a third option type player being forced into a lead role. But he has responded nicely, which raises the question, what is Jeff Green proving to us?

Nothing we didn't already know to be honest. Take Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo out of the lineup and production still has to come from somewhere… Jeff Green is the obvious answer.

Again this is not to say I don't like Green. I have advocated for him as a unique talent. He is off to the best start of his career, shooting 45.9% from the field and 48.1% from downtown while averaging 16.9 PPG. I would be fine keeping him on board as a third option or glorified bench player once we see how the draft and free agency play out. But don't try to make Green a top option, that is simply not his place.

Now if Green can keep up his play, and continue to make a clutch impact as strong as he did Saturday night in Miami, maybe he becomes an attractive piece to a contender? Could Green be packaged up with a combination of expiring contracts/ a big contract (Gerald Wallace)/ a protected draft pick and bring back a true impact player?

I would be curious to look into what is out there, but I just don't see where the impact player out there is. The biggest star in the league that seems to have any trade rumors surrounding him is already here in Rondo.

Bottom line, featuring Jeff Green can't hurt. Eventually he will either catch the eye of another GM, or it will catch up to the Celtics that Green is not a legit top option and the loss column will fill up quickly.

What do you guys think about Green's performance so far and his future in Boston?

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