Green Envy: What Magic fans said - 11/11/13

It would be hard to call Magic fans dejected. If anything, most of them were kind of pleased with losing to the Celtics because of ,you know, the tanking thing. That didn't stop them from blasting their own team (mainly Jameer Nelson) and hating Boston.

Top Three:

Hope we lose again to Bos.

Jameer in super saiyan tank mode tonight.

Crawford looks like one of them people you cross the road for, if you're going to collide -

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Hope we lose again to Bos.

THis is not the trap game as the first. I expect a revenge-anger game. Lot's of hard play, a foul or two more than usual, and a bug win.

Jeff Green will probably be playing with a lot of confidence after his performance against the heat... 24pts and insane game winning buzzer beater. Good to see... I was beginning to think Boston would out-tank us, but they'll be fine once they get Rondo back and he's already starting to play 1v1 and 3v3.

Was not even mad when we lost the first time. Just enjoyed looking at WIggins/Parker, and Randle's stat lines.

Best part about losing to Boston is it improves THEIR win/loss records. As I've told all my friends, beat the good teams to get that confidence, then lose to those garbage teams to get those ping pong balls!

I'm going to the Suns game on the 24th (BOGO tix) and will be cheering loud for the loss. May even make a sign, lol.

Making Bradley look like a star tonight. And why are the Boston fans cheering like this is Game 7 of the Finals?

Here comes your tank lineup.

this team has become so boring now. wtf

After such a promising start to the season, we now look exactly the same as last season. No defense at all. Boston has almost no talent yet they score incredibly easy on us.

i absolutely hate these commentators. especially the tom guy. unbelievably biased

Game of HORSE for the Celts out there.

I don't care how badly I want to tank, this is embarrassing.

Jameer in super saiyan tank mode tonight.

Is the floor made of ice tonight...?

why did we tank last year?

It's good to see Oladipo is going to get his 18 minutes tonight. -

Sullingers body annoys me... So fat

we literally cannot trade jameer fast enough.

Can someone just set a bone jarring screen on Bradley I don't even care if it's offensive jeez

Rob is a genius. He hints to Meer that we may trade him, and Meer doesn't want to uproot his fam mid season, so he plays lax and ridiculously bad to discourage takers on a trade, while Rob smiles because he helps the tank. that's the plan, amirite?

I can't stand the limited minutes Oladipo is getting. The pain we endured last year was supposed to be rewarded, instead, we're getting a big "FU and please keep watching this horrible team".

Bradley is looking like wade tonight

we make crawford look like jordan

Hopefully we can rely on Crawford awful shot selection to keep us close.

this team makes me want to drink myself to death

Yeah it will all be worth it when we wind up with the 6th pick...

Boston plays intense every play, we play asleep.


These two Ls to the Celtics could pay off at the end of the season.

If playing Moore against Green isn't yelling "TANK" I don't know what does.

Crawford looks like one of them people you cross the road for, if you're going to collide -

4 celts standing for the rebound and one magic player. What does AA do? Chuch up the ball from 3. SMH.

Is this Avery Bradley foreal?

We've lost to these douches 10 games in a row??

The tank had a great run tonight.