Green Envy: What Heat fans said 11/9

So the allegedly "tanking" Celtics have won three straight (tied for the second longest streak in the NBA), including on the road tonight against the defending champs.  Time to get on board with winning, we're only one game back of the #2 spot in the East!

Top Three:

I mean you're a 3 time champ, and you miss the FT intentionally? Won't even have the balls to make it. I just can't stop laughing at Wade.

we are 4-3, the celtics are 3-4. Whats the big difference?

So are the Heat tanking this year?

The Full Slate:

Really guys, this should be a game that LEBRON should be able to rest that back due to the fact that MIAMI should blow this version of the Celtics out of the water.

Was just looking at our schedule. We could realistically have a 15 game winning streak going into our matchup vs Indiana. Our schedule is not tough in the early going.

we are 89 - 14 last 103 official games at home ( playoffs, regular season). Both years we won title. Lets make it 90 - 14, we are unbeatable at home. Even if we toy with them, we are winning this.

Lebron owns the Boston celtics since 2010 lol

We actually have a lead in the 1st... but it's against a team that sucks. This doesn't count.

A team with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen is getting schooled by a team led by........... Jeff Green.

The Heat make bad teams look elite.

Beasley alley oop layups and this real life???

Giving up 50+ to this Celtics team before halftime is embarrassing.

Ugh, 28th ranked offense just scored 60 in a half on us.

The effort on defense is abhorrent. This team finds new and creative ways to completely mail in entire halves at a time every game

As long as we are not down by 20 by the end of 3rd Q, I'm not even worried

AgentGreen wrote:
Crawford 3 right in front of the flopping diva's face. Sweet!
Hater spotted.
I'm sorry I just can't get over a franchise, who has had pierce flopping for 99% of his career, have the audacity to call another player a flopper.

We don't play defense! hate it, it's so frustrating to watch, this is bad habits, you can't get rid of them in a day, we need to get rid of them so it won't surprise us when it matters...

Why do scrubs look like Michael Jordan against us.

bradley always shows up wade

All these scrubs playing above their level.

As soon as Bass came off the bench I knew Lebron won't score on him, Lebron came to life in the 4th but we can still lose this game because we didn't came to play in the beginning and now they are hitting their shots...

They're going for the 3. If they lose, that's cool, they're tanking. If they make, they get away with a win against their rival and can rub it in their face a bit. Not really a loseable end to this for them.

Take this to overtime
Don't be stupid

I'm just sitting here, laughing. That ball went in and out for Olynk. LOOOOOOL

How does wade fall for a pump fake by a rookie 7'0 dude shooting a jump shot ?

Wade with the brain fart...

Wade going to be on shaq fool whatever it's called

Celtics are about to hit a half court shot to win the game
I'm going to laugh so hard if that happens

Lmao.. ZERO **** given about the game. This game was the definition of sleepwalking.

That's seriously despicable. I just lost respect for Wade. The Heat playing so careless this year acting as if they can coast when they know every team is coming at them hard. It's ridiculous honestly.

First and last time I put money on a Heat game. Words can not express my rage right now.

Wade needs to turn in his game check tonight

one of the worst losses in franchise history

It's not that big of a deal that they lost. If they lost and it was because the team just outplayed them, it'd be fine. That was one of the most careless and unprofessional moments I've ever witnessed. It honestly makes me not even want to cheer for this team with the attitude they currently have.

Look at Wade after he committed that idiotic play and Jeff Green hits the game winner, he didnt care. Most of the people here dont either cause its "just November". I've been on quite a few boards but never seen a fanbase content with squandering games to teams that have no business being on the same floor as them like this bunch here. You play to win the game, Wade played not to lose.


This was definitely a Diva Wade moment. He had the whole c0cky look on his face when he missed the first FT.

LOL that was unbelievable. Hopefully that loss isn't the difference between 9th and 8th in the standings.

Once Wade missed that first free throw and then mindlessly bounced the ball off the backboard on the 2nd one not knowing the rules, I thought the Celtics were winning if AC Earl came out or retirement and took a hook shot from half court. For those that don't remember Earl, he would make Mutombo look like Michael Jordan on offense.

I mean you're a 3 time champ, and you miss the FT intentionally? Won't even have the balls to make it. I just can't stop laughing at Wade.

It was 108-106 miami ball with 3 seconds and I left the room...

Strange, not often a team wins every stat and loses, except rebounds. We had way more free throws, higher fg% less turnovers! more blocks, better 3pt% etc.

we are 4-3, the celtics are 3-4. Whats the big difference?

We're about to lose to another rebuilding team though, guaranteed, when we go up against Orlando at home. It's funny that the lower tier teams are the hardest, just because this team is lazy and doesn't want to play defense.

So are the Heat tanking this year?

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