Celtics Twitter Round Up

The Boston Celtics are pulling off a rare double-double in the first part of this young NBA season; delighting and exciting their fans at the exact same time.

Answering The Call

Throughout the preseason and the first five games, Gerald Wallace was very vocal about his Celtic teammates. He was wondering where the toughness, team first mentality, and willingness to sacrifice in the name of winning was. What a different story the second four games have been as the Crash 'n' the Boys sit atop the Atlantic Division.

Firing on All Cylinders

Every team in the NBA is aware that the incoming class is stocked with potentially transcendent athletes. Some teams are going to be awful and hope to get one of these guys on their team, some will try to win it all and prevent Miami from getting the three-peat-rare-feat. And then there is Boston- who is playing some of the most solid basketball on the planet right now, which depending on who you ask, is not a good thing. While there are over 70 games to go and plenty of time to backslide into the woodchipper in hopes of landing a superstar, let's just revel in the glory of outranking the NBA in a category that isn't tanking.

Brad Stevens, man. Brad Stevens.

The first coach to make it into the Intro Video at the Garden is making his presence felt on the floor as well. Defensive leader and Celtics veteran Brandon Bass is seeing the benefits of the Stevens Effect first hand.

Stirring the Pot

Am I quoting myself? Yep! Strap in. I want this team to be relevant just as bad as every other Celtics fan out there and I realize one potential strategy is to "win" the draft. Well- that's a gamble and I'm not going to worry about draft position until the Christmas Day slate of games.

The Celtics are playing like the CARE, and if that doesn't trump every stupid Parker, Wiggins, or Randle discussion before the game counter his TEN, then you should just focus on Fantasy Basketball or build the team you want in 2k14. Believe me - there is plenty of time to shit the bed. Let's enjoy this for what it is- good basketball in the city of Boston.

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