Celtics Lose To Spurs, Somehow Remain In The Hunt In The Atlantic Division

Though they were tied at 48 at the half, the San Antonio Spurs did very San Antonio Spurs things in the second half tonight and defeated the Boston Celtics 103-94. While the Celtics responded to last night's embarrassment admirably, the Spurs championship pedigree was too much for the green; highlighted by a 32-22 third quarter that saw Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard combining for 20 points, many coming off easy buckets.

There were some silver linings for the Celtics along the way though. In his first start of the season Jared Sullinger grabbed a career high 17 rebounds, and scored 19 points on 8 for 17 shooting including quite a few challenging shots from midrange. Avery Bradley and Jeff Green enjoyed bounce back games, also scoring 19 points each (both on .500 shooting).

The ultimate 'silver lining'? The Celtics are still, somehow, VERY MUCH involved in the 'race' for the Atlantic Division crowd after the Knicks, Nets, and Sixers all lost today. Allowing the Raptors to rise to the top of the mountain, surely becoming the team that EVERYONE will be talking about at the water cooler tomorrow morning:

The Raptors top ranking in the Atlantic Division would make them the 4th seed in the playoffs if the season were to stop today, 13th if they were in the Western Conference. So what I'm saying is, C'MOOOONE CELTICS! FOURTH PLACE IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE! WE'RE RIGHT THERE! WE CAN DO THIS!

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