Celtics invade Houston tonight to play the Rockets

Boston has a very tough matchup against the Rockets tonight at the Toyota Center in Houston. Houston comes in having won 3 of their last four after two inexcusable home losses, for what is supposed to be a championship contending team, against the Lakers and Clippers at home.

Boston comes in having lost three in a row and it doesn't get any easier for The Green Machine as tomorrow night they play the Western Conference leading Spurs in San Antonio.

Some interesting storylines to watch tonight:

- Although, the team has been struggling Avery Bradley's been playing really well since he made the jump over to his natural two guard position. Last game against The Timberwolves he shot 12 - 23 with 27 points.

- Apparently, the reason Avery had to shoot the ball so many times against "Los Lobos"-Kevin Garnett (Tell him Lil' Penny from the science club says hello) is that Jeff Green is the first player in the history of the game of basketball who has a green light but still doesn't like to shoot the basketball.

Green had one of the worst games of his career against Minnesota shooting 0 - 6 with a total of one assist.

He did have seven rebounds in that game. Now, I'd like to see him combine a solid scoring game with a solid rebounding game because he's capable. We will see if that happens tonight.

- James Harden. I'm a huge fan of Big Game James 2.0 having myself attended Arizona State University but he has taken a lot of flak for his defense recently and rightfully so. If he ever wants to be considered a truly elite shooting guard like Kobe and Ray Alen were he needs to shore that up.

Let alone, if he ever wants to be mentioned in the same breath as the all-time greats such as Larry Bird.

- Jeremy Lin has been playing unreal basketball on the offensive end this season averaging 18 points and five assists while shooting over 44% from three ball land.

- Hopefully, that percentage goes down tonight considering The Celtics have excelled at defending the 3-pointer, holding opponents to 30.2 percent, among the best in the NBA. Houston leads the league in 3-point attempts at 26.5 per game, though it's making just 32.9 percent of them.

My prediction: Houston 119 Boston 104.

Please leave your own thoughts and predictions on tonight's game in the comments below.

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