Bass calls Stevens " A special guy"

Sorry pro tankers. Brad Stevens is just a smart guy who understands the game of basketball, better then most you could say. The season is young, but the Celtics are 4-4 as you know, but the factor is the four losses. They could have split those four losses into a couple of wins. Tommy Heinsohn brought up during Monday's game about other teams not being able to scout this team, and it seems that way.

The Celtics don't have a mega star on the roster, or at least active. Rondo's an All-Star, but he's more than capable of being a bigger star. With him out the Celtics are balanced, and they have players who are able to score. The point is that Stevens has this team running the way he wants them to, and the players dig it.

"From the beginning, even though we were losing, he stayed poised and he always believed we could be better. So I think that we kind of followed his lead and it translated to Ws for us,” said Brandon Bass. “There’s something special about that guy. He’s a rookie coach but very knowledgeable. He’s picking things up very fast.”

I understand what's on the table if the Celtics lose most of their games this season. But I stick with my beliefs. They call it a lottery for a reason. The Celtics have been burned in the past, and it's a big risk. It's a risk because Stevens is here building a culture, and he's building his own confidence in coaching in the NBA. I also understand that Danny may not win a lottery of his own. You could say that he did when he landed Ray and Kevin in 2007. I think Danny has this situation under control. I also love the fact that Stevens has built this team for Rondo. Even if he hasn't played a game yet.

The season is young, and the Celtics have proven one thing win or lose. They will fight in every game. They will come out to win every game. Like it or not. It's a fact.

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