Wait, winning games is still a good thing, right?

Yesterday Mike Dyer wrote a great article entitled "Why making a run at the playoffs is the worst thing that could happen for the Boston Celtics."  Logically it makes perfect sense.  And for the long term future of the franchise, obviously I understand that they have a greater chance to be better down the road if they are worse now.  The problem is, I just can't get the fan in me to accept it.

We've been spoiled the last six seasons by Celtics teams that have had huge expectations, and for the most part great successes.  Right now it's easy to say "oh yeah, let's just suck this year and get a top draft pick" because we have forgotten what it's like to watch a terrible team day in and day out.  As a season ticket holder I plan on going to (almost) every game this year.  Trying to convince yourself night after night that every loss will be beneficial in the long run is not an easy thing to do.

Sports are entertainment, and they are fundamentally more enjoyable when the team you are rooting for is winning; there's just no getting around that.  As of right now I believe the 2013-2014 Boston Celtics have a chance to make the playoffs, and that is something I will continue to hope and cheer for as long as it is still a legitimate possibility.

I know many people think this is ridiculous, especially those who would argue "What's the point of getting in the postseason if you're just going to lose in the first round?"  Take a look back at last season's elimination at the hands of New York, and tell me that wasn't fun to watch (not to mention the possibility of an opening round series this year against Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett).  The excitement of the playoffs is the peak of the NBA's entertainment value, and it's something I want to experience every year.

Mike concluded his piece by saying "It's [getting a top lottery pick] the only realistic way this franchise wins another title while Rondo is still in his prime."  I agree that's true; but it all honesty, it's highly unlikely Boston will win another championship in the near future no matter what happens this season.  There are 30 teams in the NBA, and most franchises aren't contenders most years.  Why not try to enjoy making the best of what we have?

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