Video: Rajon Rondo Press Conference on rehab

Rondo has been vague on his return date,but nothing has been said lately about a possible change from the December return. Rondo surprised the media with this press conference, but he was confident,and optimistic on his return, and he even playfully joked with an odd number of "87%" on how well his leg is doing. Rondo has been this teams leader,even without being on the court.

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Asked when he hoped to be back on the court, Rondo said, "I hope I can play against the Raptors [on opening night next week], but that’s not likely. I’m taking it one week at a time. I know it’s getting stronger each week and whenever I’m able to jump off my right leg and probably dunk, that’s when I think I’ll be back to play."

If that sounds familiar, that's because it's the same line Chicago's Derrick Rose offered during his rehab from ACL surgery. Bulls fans will be quick to point out that Rose dunked off his right foot last season, but still didn't return to the court until the start of the preseason.

Rondo playfully pegged his leg at 87 percent ("depending on how my day goes") and said his body will tell him when he's ready to return.

"I’ll know when it’s right," said Rondo. "Everybody is different, each injury is different... For me, when I come back, I won’t come back unless I know I’m myself again."

He won't come back at anything less than 100 percent.

"It’s going to be hard to tell me to ease into something," said Rondo. "Once I get back out there, I want to go full speed. I don’t want any limitations. That’s when I’ll return, when I’m able to do that."

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