The Mark Blount Award: Vote in our poll, which Celtic will infuriate fans the most this year?

With the pre-season officially upon us, we here at CelticsLife thought it would be fun to dish out some pre-season award predictions for the Celtics. We came up with eight awards (four positive, four not-so-positive), and will be giving out writer predictions on each of them over the next week or so.

These awards will be named after Celtics greats (and not-so-greats), and hopefully we can have some fun with this. We'll also be posting a poll for everyone to vote on, and be sure to add your two cents in the comment section.

Award #1: The Paul Pierce Award for Team MVP - Writer's pick: Rajon Rondo

Award #2: The P.J. Brown Award for the guy most likely to give the line-up an unexpected boost. - Writer's pick: Kris Humphries

Award #3: The Semih Erden Award for the guy that will be the most fun to sarcastically root for. Writer's pick: Vitor Faverani

Award #4: The Walter McCarty Award for the guy most likely to become Tommy Heinsohn's pet this year. Writer's pick: Kelly Olynyk

Today's Award: On to the not-so-positive, the Mark Blount Award for the guy most likely to infuriate fans this year.

Mike Dyer (Follow Mike - Mike_Dyer13)

Jordan Crawford - Is this one too easy? I also considered Courtney Lee, who I think will drastically underperform his $5 million salary, but at the end of the day it's Crawford. He's a guy who thinks he has all-NBA skills, but in reality is hanging on to his NBA future by a string. Bill Simmons has a great analogy, the "Dinner party analogy". Basically, what do you bring to the table as a player, and what do you take off the table? In Crawford's case he brings a nice casserole (his ability to score points in bunches), but he also steals your dog and lights your house on fire (shot selection, defense, uncalled for swagger). Should be fun to watch..

Mark Vandeusen (Follow Mark - LucidSportsFan)

Gerald WallaceThere's really only two options here, Kris Humphries or Gerald Wallace.  None of the other viable candidates are getting paid enough to really incur the wrath of the Garden crowds.  I honestly don't think either will fit this role, but given the fact that Humphries is an impending free agent playing for his next contract, and Wallace still has two more years to go on his, I guess Wallace is the choice.

Eric Blaisdell (Follow Eric - EricBlaisdell13)

Jeff Green - Yes, I picked Green as my MVP, but there is still this lingering feeling that there will be too many nights where Green just disappears. He has all the talent in the world and can be this team's best player in Rajon Rondo's absence, but he has to earn it. This is Green's time to shine. He knows it, Danny Ainge knows it and the fans know it. If he continues to be a middle-of-the-road wing who can go off at times, there will be plenty of disappointed and probably angry people out there.

Danielle Hobeika (aka DH) (Follow DH - dhobeika)

Gerald Wallace -
His contract already infuriates me.

Burak Tekin (aka semioticus) (Follow semioticus - semioticusCL)

Courtney LeeCrawford is the easy choice here, but I'm already sarcastically rooting for him so I'm gonna say Courtney Lee. He's getting paid 5 mil for 3 years, and any subpar performance like last year's won't be tolerated.

Matty Mackay (Follow Matty - MattyMackay)

Kris HumpdashianHe’s already on a short leash with most NBA fans due to that reality TV mockery and even shorter list with C’s fans for the fight with Rondo last season. I think he’ll actually be a pleasant surprise because he is actually a solid basketball player on the court, it’s just the off the court BS that gives fans a sour taste about this guy.

Karl Dillinger (Follow Karl - karl_dillinger)

Jeff Green - Green without a doubt. Lacks consistency.

Padraic O'Connor (Follow Padraic - padraic_oconnor)

Jordan Crawford - Can this double as the Starbury Award for most irrational 3s jacked up when there is a man open?
J-Craw: Mark Blount Award winner

Julian Edlow (Follow Julian - BleedGreenBlogs)

Jordan Crawford - Lets pretend the whole Kim Kardashian thing never happened and stick on the court. Jordan Crawford is the answer. I hate Crawford… my eyes tell me he is an inefficient/less talented MarShon Brooks.

Shawn Cassidy (Follow Shawn - Celticstitletow)

Brandon Bass - I would have to say, with every negative award that we hand out I just want to say Jordan Crawford every time, but for this one I'll go with Brandon Bass. He has so much potential to either hit the open jumper, or to pound inside. He does both inconsistently. He can do both at a very high level, but Bass often fades into the background, and so far in the first two preseason games, Bass has been over shadowed by Sully,Vitor, and Humphries.

Matt Richissin (aka MattDotRich) (Follow Matt - MattDotRich)

Jared SullingerWhat fans who are talking themselves into the Celtics being a playoff contender keep missing is how abysmal this team will be at interior defense. According to Alias Sports Bureau (a fictional website I just made up) the Boston Celtics were negative a gazillion without Kevin Garnett. Well guess, what? They don't have Kevin Garnett. They have Kris Humprhies.

While Sullinger isn't a poor defensive player  - he's actually quite above average - my guess is that the fact that he has shown up to camp overweight (which isn't really his fault), and his looming trial (which kinda is) will find him in the crosshairs of a lot of your surly sports radio callers.

Devin Archer (aka Devin A) (Follow Devin - TheCelticD)

Jordan Crawford - I’m also giving this one to Jordan Crawford. I think he can be something positive for the Celtics, but his erratic scoring and shooting angles will likely tick a lot of people off.

Writer votes: Jordan Crawford, 4 votes; Gerald Wallace, 2 votes; Jeff Green, 2 votes; Kris Humphries, 1 vote; Jared Sullinger, 1 vote; Courtney Lee, 1 vote; Brandon Bass, 1 vote

Explain your pick in the comment section!