Pressey earning minutes in Rondo's absence

Pressey showcased everything Wednesday night against the New York Knicks. He scored 13 points, and some of those baskets looked like he's been playing for years, and the 7 assists that he picked up had the same effect.

With Rondo still rehabbing from ACL surgery and Pressey the only true point guard on the roster, there's an opportunity for Pressey to earn more minutes.He could backup Bradley for now, and if Pressey continues to improve, he may just win minutes over Lee, and Crawford when Rondo returns.

With Crawford not playing Wednesday due to a death in his family. That may have given Pressey a chance that he may have missed if Jordan Crawford was active Wednesday night.


"Phil’s going to find time if he keeps doing what he’s doing," Stevens said. "Now, the challenge is responding to a night where you have a little success, and then responding the nights where you don’t. And just maintaining an even-ness about you."

Pressey had 13 points, seven assists along with three rebounds and two steals.

After the game, Pressey was still thinking like a point guard, quickly passing the credit for his success upon teammates Jordan Crawford and Avery Bradley.

“I was just trying to go out there and carry over what was happening in practice," Pressey said. "Compete everyday, and I really feel like Avery and Jordan and other guys, us competing against each other, really got me ready for the game.”

Pressey has also benefited from having Rajon Rondo around.

Despite being out since January, Rondo has been among the many voices Pressey hears in his ear often.

"I give him as much advice as he asks me," Rondo said. "He's a good listener; not a lot of young guys come in and always willing and open to listen. He's a very humble guy. That will take him a long way. He has a little chip on his shoulder. He was undrafted. But the way he plays in practice, and the heart he has, you can't measure that. I think he'll be a pro for a long time."

Performances such as the one Pressey had on Monday can only help.

"The one thing about Phil is Phil gets in the gym, you guys have all been around, and he doesn’t leave the gym early," Stevens said. "And he’s a guy that can make plays for other people and he made us better tonight.”

So far it seems like Pressey is taking in what Rondo's saying. He's also working hard to earn playing time. If he has another game like this during the preseason, you can expect him to backup Bradley, and Rondo once he returns.

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