Paul Pierce went to visit the Celtics locker room before the game because of course he did

A few hours before tip off, Paul Pierce walked to the visitor's locker room to visit friends as he had done hundreds of times before. This time was different though. Tonight marked the first time Pierce would be playing against the Boston Celtics as a member of the Brooklyn Nets.

While most of the team was either in the weight room or on the court when Pierce came calling, it didn't matter. This was always the plan. To be there to welcome the team Pierce proudly played for for the first fifteen years of his NBA career. Before game time he got to see his old teammates. He got to congratulate Walter McCarty on becoming an assistant coach. He got to talk to Avery Bradley about becoming a father for the first time. He did exactly what we all knew he would.

A few hours later, Pierce was the first Net introduced to the Barclays center, was on the court as the officials started the game, and played 27 minutes against the only NBA team he had ever known until October of 2013. He looked really happy while he was on the court, and while it is really strange to write, I'm glad about that. Pierce explained in great detail exactly how hard it was for him to leave Boston every chance he got. The Captain....AAAAAAAAAND The Truth deserves one more run at the title, even if it's not in a green jersey.

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Source:; Baxter Holmes

Photo Source: Next Impulse Sports