Jared Sullinger assault and battery case is dismissed

Jared Sullinger was arrested last month on assault and battery charges after turning himself in.

The case revolved around an incident where Sullinger grew angry over accusations of infidelity allegedly pinned his girlfriend to the bed, according to reports. Since the arrest, the Celtics second year forward has been in counseling. The girlfriend decided not to pursue the charges and no stay away or no contact order was placed.

The case has now been dismissed.

When asked about the situation at media day, Celtics general manger Danny Ainge did not seem all that worried about it. The team took no disciplinary action towards Sullinger and Ainge seemed to insinuate to the media that as more details are revealed, it would seem less severe.

"We don’t think he’s done anything so wrong that he shouldn’t be part of our team today,” Ainge said in late September.


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