HIT THE MUSIC: Celtics Entrance Music Round 2 Results

In another stunning round of upsets, NOT ONE OF MY PICKS made it through round two! While many conference championships were decided by just a few votes, all my favorites were tossed out like so many mix tapes. Analog hits just won't survive in a digital world I suppose.

Consider one poured out for the Wu-Tang Clan and The Who. The hopes of an all W band finals have been smashed by an unstoppable crazy train.

Hit 'Em Up- 2Pac def. Protect Ya Neck- Wu-Tang Clan

Thunderstruck- AC/DC def. Dream On- Aerosmith

Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne def. Baba O'Riley- The Who

Forever- Drake def. Bonfire- Childish Gambino

Tomorrow the Final Four goes live and we get one step closer to ousting Wherever I May Roam from the arena intro. Tanguay, Marshall, Dickerson, and McGrath are gone- might as well make it a clean sweep. LET'S GO (I can't believe I'm saying this) DRAKE!

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