HIT THE MUSIC: The Celtics Entrance Music FINALS

Celtics vs. Lakers. Red Sox vs. Yankees. Austin vs. McMahon. Culturally significant rivalries as far as the eye can see. From sixteen hopefuls vying for the illustrious spot of Entrance Music at the TD Garden on Causeway Street, down to two finalists, we are about to be witness to another great rivalry - 2Pac vs. Drake.

Star of films like Juice, Above the Rim, and Poetic Justice, 2Pac is no stranger to drama. As the center of the controversy that rocketed hip-hop onto the national stage, the meanest song spit over a beat by Eric B. & Rakim deserves to be the Celtics arena entrance music. Hit 'Em Up is the biggest musical chip a person could carry on their shoulder. A perfect fit for a young team with something to prove. The perfect piece that screams, "we're not done yet."


The star of DeGrassi: The Next Generation and Ice Age: Continental Drift, Toronto's biggest Miami Heat fan BURST onto the American hip-hop scene in the late 00's. Drake is seemingly every single NBA players favorite rapper, so he's doing something right. From writing songs called Wu-Tang Forever that seem to have nothing to do with the Wu-Tang Clan to dealing in only platinum albums, Drake knows how to win. Drake's first crossover hit, Forever, a song about the desire to make it on your own terms is a perfect fit for the 2013-14 Celtics. They've been written off already, so might as well call it a season and say a few extra Hail Mary's for Wiggins right? In the words of de facto captain, Rajon Rondo... "Nope."

As if I even have to say it, both of these songs are stitched together with cuss words, so throw on your headphones for some good ol' NSFW language.




It's been a fun week, CelticsLife. Let's finish strong.